A Cup of Tea and a Platter of Feelings

I will start with a Hi, this is my first post since this new year has started. A lot has had happened till this month of March. Welcome 2017. Might not be the perfect year for everyone. Not being a Tea person, I started drinking a cup of tea every morning this year.  Got an internship in software development wing of Railways “CRIS- Center for Railways Information System“. Its been over 2 months working there. But this post is not about the best moments I had. It happens with each of you all that some situations just happen to come up in front of you or might you also have your involvement in it. This all is about that only. A cup of Tea and a Platter of Feelings. As I am a hobbyist Photographer, many of my captures have just impacted a part of me. Its kind of One sided love towards your subjects which happen to the photographers many a times. It’s very much complicated to just keep those feelings in front of you. Have a look at the images in this post and maybe you all get to understand my view.

Eyes, a subject to a photographer changes the whole dimension to explore, explore the inside of you, connects you directly to the blood flow, thoughts occurring. Just a 6 seconds connection and someone’s life changes. Eyes eases the work to explain. Saves a lot of energy. Speaking brings the pain, happiness, tears, every possible reaction out in your voice. Resistance due to feelings needs to be conquered before hand for the voice to come out easily. In short, eyes does this all with the feelings in just few seconds. Look at the images and tell us the impact that it makes on your minds in the comments section. Open eyes = embraces hopes, reality; closed= hides the pain, sadness and there are the one’s, just exploring and discovering and trying to get in the track. Track of lives in which every person just runs daily to chase their needs and dreams. Now check out the following images:

A Cup of Tea and a Platter of Feelings

Once again going through different times. The conversation with these cute little and ferocious one’s happen through eyes. Just look through these awesome images clicked. These are not awesome because of the camera or the photographer. These are awesome because these animals are trying to communicate through their eyes to you through the camera lenses. Living the lives is different for humans and for animals but the silent communication feature’s of any mammal remains the same. Principles to live the lives taught by their parents and ours are almost same. They are also predictive like we are. They also live their lives with hope, decisions, fear, happiness, justice, family, sex and death. Escaping from worst moments, getting into problems, living their life for keeping their young one’s happy till the time the young one’s grow. This all are always the similarities found in any living being present on this mother planet earth. Now lets look through substantial non-living objects and what they conclude as a result in living our lives.

Objects in the Mirror are Closer than they Appear

Above are three images of three different objects broken from the root still hanging at their places and some still solving the purpose they are supposed to do. Sometimes when tings get messy and it seems that a part of our lives, substantial or living are creating a resistance in living your own life then it’s better to skip that moment part or change that object, or if can be, get away from the one. This is called Moving-On. Sometimes it’s better to replace an object or get away from the living to make your life progressive. The broken side mirror can now never solve the purpose it’s meant to solve. So now replace it with a new one. If in a job you are moving one step forward and two steps backward then it’s better to move -on from that position to make you life easier rather staying and making your own healthy life a living hell.

Moving on to the next images The broken lamp and the Broken Street Light;  my vision is to relate it to our families. Sometimes the old one’s can not earn for you or get your things done, but One thing that they can always and surely can do is showing you the right path when you get off the track. These broken lamps are still solving the purpose they are meant to do. They are illuminating the surroundings. That is what they needed to do. So rather moving-on from them try to fix them if possible or leave and live with it till the last breathe of them.

Hope you get it, what I captured and why. Try to self question yourself and try self meditating your soul. And if any feelings come in your hearts while reading through this article; Please write your comments in the comments section below. I hope for a good response from the readers. Once again Happy New Year 2017; Happy Holi and a healthy life. See Ya.

Greeting Merry Christmas 2016

Merry Christmas 2016

Once again celebrating the winter festival, Once again birth of Jesus ! Celebrating Christmas of Year 2016. Follow up the pictures and download the greeting cards from the post.


Greeting Merry Christmas 2016


Chinnakanal Waterfalls

Located 18 kms away from Munnar, Chinnakanal or Power House waterfall has the origin from the River Devikulam. The river got its name from the legend that Sita Devi, wife of Lord Rama has taken a dip in this river. The uniqueness of Chinnakanal waterfalls is the green nature around,  Surrounded by Tree plantations gives it a classic look. This beautiful waterfall is surrounded by green mountain ranges which attracts tourists from all over the world.


Chinnakanal Waterfalls, Munnar Hills



Gobuzzinga’s 2nd Momo Festival Delhi

Gobuzzinga’s celebrated 2nd Momo Festival at Garden of Five Senses, Saket, New Delhi on 17th and 18th December 2016.

Gobuzzinga’s celebrated the first ever Momos Festival in Delhi on 4th October 2015. Momos has been an awesome street food in India for a long time. Having an event dedicated to these awesome DimSums are just awesome. Beautifully shaped momos with spicy Schezwan Sauce just steals the taste of thousands of Indians and people abroad. I am posting the pictures from the 2nd Momos Festival held at Garden of Five Senses in Saket, South Delhi. Variety of momos sellers at one place ranging from Chocolate dipped, Vodka, Achari, tandoori, Peshawari and a lot more, just think the type and it’s there. Even spinach in momos.

Paytm was accepted for the purchase of coupons for the Festival making the festival a bit cashless. Thanks to Mr. Narendra Modi. Entry ticket was Rs. 60 and Rs. 60 if you carry your Camera. I would say Rs. 600 was enough for 2.



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Wallpaper release sample

First Set of Wallpaper Release

Sample Image of Wallpapers

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50 Shades of Green

50 Shades of Green

50 Shades of Green

Taken in outskirts of Trivandrum, Kerala into Nowhere.

Outskirts of Trivandrum, Kerala

A lush green blanket spread over a wide area. Isn’t this just a scene to capture in your eyes and forget about the Urban lives we live. Marshy lands filled with all kinds of species of Living things. Be it types of grasses or amphibians. Mangroves rules these land fellas. It just the way nature believes in. Still needed cooperation from the local residents of Kerala specially the capital ones(who live in Thiruvanathapuram or now Trivandrum) to not let garbage and waste ruin this “Gods own Country”.

Philosophy “50 Shades of Green”

Be it shrubs, grasses, plants, herbs, short trees or old heavy long trees; everyone needs the shade; everyone needs the shower. I think I just threw a great philosophy there. Cooperation and faith must prevail in the rites in which nature has decided to be. Everyone in this society, rich or poor, child or old, women or men; need each other to balance the ecosystem. Faith, courage, humanity, cooperation, little bit of every nature, be it bad or best is needed in every relation. This is how we grow. This is how we break the barriers within our minds and move on. With support. So try bringing humanity in your views just before the image of whom you look at. This will help cordial improvement and growth. Growth of society and welfare of mankind as well as preservation of our complete ecosystem.

Photograph Properties

Dimensions: 4160 * 2340    Resolution: 240 dpi    F-stop: f/2    Exposure time: 1/100 sec

ISO speed: ISO-50                 Focal Length: 4mm

Notice from Author

Guys today on-ward’s I’ll be posting twice every week. I am also changing the way of writing my blogs. Now onwards there will be Factual Information plus Philosophy in every post. It’s like I will not be able to work on my blog posts frequently. But keep following, liking and sharing. Will be uploading a Wallpaper Package named “Unbiased Beauty” in the end of this month on Diwali’16. You people can download and use those images as you like. Just keep appreciating and acknowledging my work. Thanks a lot friends for the love towards this blog and my views this far.